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Customer Reviews

"We heard about General Sports through a kid on my sons hockey team who had a good experience buying and getting fitted for new skates. We decided to go check them out.  This is the best place we have ever been for hockey skates. Pete really took the time explaining the skate fitting and we realized my sons skates were way too big!  We also now drive out of our way to get our skates sharpened at General Sports.  It's worth the drive because they are perfect every-time!"  

~ MARC M. 3/2016 

"Matt was awesome!  He helped with getting my son fitted with new skates on our last visit.  I recommend General Sports at least once a week to somebody on my son's team during hockey season.  Matt and crew are all great, especially when a skater/and parent come in and have some type of emergency right before game time.  I saw it three times this past season, all three times someone different helped and got the skater squared away and back on their way pretty fast.  From my experience, no one around is more knowledgeable about getting skaters equipped with the proper gear."

~ANDREW C. 3/2016

We heard about General Sports and Matt Haapala, specifically, from our friend and hockey dad, Steven S. who told us we had to go to Matt for skate fitting because he was the best in the business.  Matt fitted our son John's skates for the first time several years ago.  After that first session we knew we would always go back to him for skates for both our son and our daughter.  He explained that they had both had inherited narrow ankles.    Matt took the time to explain to us how the skates should fit their feet and ankles, and he has made sure our kids had both the right size and of brand of skates ever since.  He brings great depth of knowledge and passion to his job.  He always takes the time to explain why he thinks we should try a certain skate.   We know when we go to see Matt he will not sell us a pair of skates unless he is 100% sure that our child has grown out of their old skates.  We have bought at least 6 skates from Matt, and  trust our kids feet to no one else.  We tell all of our friends who are hockey parents to get their kids skates fitted with Matt, especially if they have any special issues with their feet. Being able to schedule an appointment with Matt has made it even easier to get in and get the right skates.  It's peace of mind to know they are in the skates they should be in.

~Julie M.  3/2016

We found out about General Sports through our friend Mike S.  I was feeling some discomfort in the ball of my foot.  We heard that Matt could help us.  Matt was able to stretch out my boot in the areas of pain and preassure.  The skates worked great!!!  They have made a life long customer.  I really like their sharpening, it has made a huge difference! 

~ Ward S. 4/2016

General Sports has helped us with skates, sticks, and soccer equpment for years!  Their sports staff is knowlegable and friendly.  I love that they are a small local business with good values.  They really care about the customer and getting to know the regulars.  I do not shop there for their sales, although their prices are ussually better than other sporting good stores. I shop there because of the good customer service I receive everytime I stop in.  The employees treat every customer with the same respect and care. 

~Cindy V. 4/2016