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Skate Sharpening

Professionally trained by the equipment staff of the Minnesota Wild, we provide expert skate services to keep you at the top of your game.


Skate Sharpening $7.00/pair--------------------------------------------------------------------------10 minutes per pair*                                     


Skate Sharpening Packages:


$140.00 for 25 sharpenings (SAVE $35)

$70.00 for 12 sharpenings (SAVE $14)


Custom Skate Blade Profiling $40.00/pair-----------------------------------------------------------30 minutes per pair*


On-ice skate fit/sharpening/alignment assessment $40.00/skater----------------------------20 minutes per skater (by appt. only)




Our standard sharpening is 1/2" radius of hollow, but we will accommodate any custom hollow.  

We also offer Blackstone Flat Bottom V sharpening at no additional cost.     


Standard Hollow Options  FBV options



Skate sharpening is something we take very seriously here at General Sports.  Each of our skate sharpeners is a skater themselves and have experienced a poor sharpening at some point in their career.  It is this experience that fuels our desire to become the most consistent and reliable sharpening outfit that our customers have ever experienced. 


Not only do we use all of the latest and most sophisticated skate sharpening tools, but we meticulously refurbish or replace them as soon as they become even slightly miscalibrated.  Although this leads to higher costs associated with each sharpening, we feel it is neccessary in order to provide a precise and balanced edge. 


General Sports offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all skate sharpenings.  We also offer private and group skate sharpening lessons with optional on-ice demonstrations. Additionally we sell refurbished sharpening equipment.  Email to inquire.



General Sports has the equipment and know-how to fix almost anything that goes wrong with your skates and hockey gear.  Broken tendon guard? Toe cap falling off?  Want to replace your skate tongues?  We can fix that.  Do you have a pair of shoulder pads that needs some extra velcro or another strap sewn on?  We can fix that.  Need a glove palm patched?  We can fix that.  To be honest, there isn't much we CAN'T fix at General Sports.  We also understand that many of these repairs are urgent, so we offer same-day or even while-you-wait repair services.  Every repair is different, so call, email, or bring in your equipment and have one of our employees quote you a price and timeframe. 

Sewing charge  ($10 minimum charge, prices/times quoted per job)---- (Braemar Location Only)-----While you wait*


Replacement Plastic Blade Holders (all brands) $40.00+$10.00 labor charge/each-----------------------20 minutes each**


Replacement Skate Blades (all brands***/includes labor & sharpening) $60.00/pair---------------------15 minutes per pair**


Replacement eyelets $1.00/each--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 minutes per eyelet**


Replacement Rivets $1.00/each---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 minutes per rivet**

Replacement Copper Rivets $2.00/each----------------------------------------------------------------------------2 minutes per rivet**

Replacement RMS screws (Graf) $3.00/each----------------------------------------------------------------------2 minutes per screw**

Heat Modling $10.00/pair------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 minutes per pair**

Boot Punching $10.00/pair-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 minutes per skate

Boot Stretching $10.00/pair----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 hrs. min per pair


Custom Skate Blade Alignment $15.00/skate-----------------------------------------------------------------------30 minutes per skate**


Custom Skate Shim $15.00/skate--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30 minutes per skate**


Custom Arch Supports (Sidas) $89.99/pair--------------------------------------------------------------------------30 minutes per pair

*  For some intricate sewing repairs, we may ask you to leave the item overnight. 

**  These services are provided on a first-come first-serve basis and are at the mercy of the current sharpening queue.  Call ahead to inquire about the current sharpening wait.

***Bauer LS4 runners are $99.99/pair, and CCM Hyperglide runners cost $79.99/pair installed.