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Performance Lab by General Sports is the fusion of expertise, giving you the ultimate Custom Hockey Skate Fitting, Sizing and Blade Alignment services. This exclusive offering is a collaboration between a dedicated hockey skate fitting specialist (Matt Haapala), and movement and range of motion specialist doctor (Dr. Gannon Volk). You will first start the fitting with a movement and range of motion exam followed by an optional joint adjustment, then a custom skate fitting and blade alignment for your exact foot and movement patterns.



What to Expect

At General Sports we believe that both the skate and the body need to be in alignment and functioning together to truly maximize each individuals potential. To achieve this we start with a movement and range of motion screening to correctly identify each individuals movement pattern. This is followed by an optional chiropractic adjustment to aid in restoring optimal joint function and range of motion. Next we work together to get you in the optimal skate  skate for each individual based on many different data points collected. Lastly we fine tune each individual skate to get you a truly customized to your body skate.


“If you are thinking about getting new skates, schedule a skate fitting on their website and drive any distance to go here. Matt and Tory are incredible and won't settle until your skates fit perfectly. I have ugly feet and skated with pain since I was a teenager, but after working with them my feet finally feel great in skates."
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